This Week at the Advent, August 25-31, 2019

Welcome to the Church of the Advent! If you are new to the area, visiting, or seeking a church home, we are glad you’re here and hope to have a chance to greet you in person. Please join us downstairs following the service for a coffee hour.

Child care is offered during the 9 am and 11:15 am services; an usher can guide you to the nursery.

Welcome cards are located in each pew; please fill one out so we can keep in touch.


9:00 Coffee Hour: Hosting this morning are Bette Boughton and Jonnet Holladay. Next week, Barbara Boles hosts with Cassie & Jack Gurnon. If you would like to sign up to host coffee hour, please contact Barbara Boles by phone, 617-501-7572, or email,, if you’re interested or have questions.

11:15 Coffee Hour: Hosts this morning are Betsy James and Bud Scheffy. We are always in need of more volunteers; to view the schedule of available dates and select a date to co-host, please go to If you have any questions, please contact Frederick Ou (, Roxy Hanson ( or Betsy James (

Members of the North American Guild of Change Ringers, who have been meeting at the Advent and other locations in Massachusetts for the past few days, will provide a ringing demonstration in Moseley Hall between the 9:00 and 11:15 masses. There is also a ringing simulator in the library. Stop by and try your hand at either. In addition, Guild president Bruce Butler will serve as a lector at the 11:15 mass.


Little-know facts, amusing anecdotes, and miscellaneous wisdom, in honor of the 175th anniversary of this parish.

illustration from "Rope-Sight: An Introduction to the Art of Change-Ringing"
An illustration from Rope-Sight: An Introduction to the Art of Change-Ringing by Jasper Whitfield Snowdon (1844-1885).

In 1916, the Rev. William Harman van Allen (rector, 1902-1929) announced “a program of unusual interest … Arthur H. Nichols, the well-known authority on matters relating to church bells, will be present with members of his famous band of ringers, and Mrs. Arthur A. Shurcliff, who has for many years made a thorough study of the subject, and who is herself a bell-ringer of note, is to speak about bells and bellringing …”

Perhaps in his talk, Mr. Nichols recited some of the memorable rhymes about bells, included in A History of the Church of the Advent (Betty Hughes Morris, 1995): 

To call the folk to church in time, WE CHIME.
When joy and pleasure are on the wing, WE RING.
When the body parts the soul, WE TOLL.

Or this medieval warning:

When I ring God’s prayses sing.
When I toule – Pray, heart and soule.

August 26-September 1, 2019

Monday, August 26

Tuesday, August 27
Thomas Gallaudet & Henry Winter Syle
6:00 pm: Community Supper

Wednesday, August 28
Augustine of Hippo
10:00 am: Bible Study
6:00 pm: Healing Mass
7:00 pm: Bellringers

Thursday, August 29
Beheading of John the Baptist
9:30 am: NEHGS staff retreat

Friday, August 30
Charles Chapman Grafton
9:30 am: NEHGS staff retreat
11:30 am: Rosary

Saturday, August 31
Aidan of Lindisfarne

Sunday, September 1
The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
7:30 am: Morning Prayer
8:00 am: Low Mass
9:00 am: Sung Mass
11:15 am: Solemn Mass