Dear Friends in Christ,

We are now at that time of year when the clergy and people of the Advent are taking stock of the many blessings that God has given us, both as individual Christians and as a parish family.  As October draws to a close, we write to you – as the leadership of the Advent has written for 176 years – to ask you to make a declaration of your financial stewardship for the coming year.

In the stewardship mailing this week, you will receive a pledge card on which you are asked to make an indication of your financial giving for 2021, with the request that these be returned to the office by Advent Sunday, November 29th. You can also pledge online if you choose, by going to our pledging page, Then, with pledges in hand, our budget will be put together, based on the resources that God’s people make available for mission and ministry.  We ask you to pledge, so we can plan.

Christian giving is both sacramental and sacrificial.  Sacrificial because our giving is meant to make a difference in our life and lifestyle; sacramental because our giving is an outward and visible sign of our inward and spiritual disposition. As Jesus says, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” 

Good things are happening here, even amidst difficult circumstances, and your generous giving allows us to have a vital ministry to our own members, and to those beyond our doors. 

Please do take a moment to thoughtfully examine your present level of giving, and prayerfully consider how that giving might grow in the year to come.  As the Rector said in a recent sermon: Your goal and mine should be to offer God a good pledge, a worthy pledge, a pledge that reflects spiritual growth, a pledge that honors God.

The Vestry works hard to be good stewards of your generous contributions.  We appreciate your commitment to the Advent, and rely on the giving of every member of this parish family to ensure the success of our mission and ministry, both for ourselves, and for generations yet to come.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

Fr Douglas Anderson

Thomas Brown
Rector’s Warden

Paul Roberts
People’s Warden


Common Questions about Stewardship

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