11am Mass Roster for August 2022

If you cannot serve as scheduled, please contact Julianne Turé: jture@comcast.net or 617-529-3248 (text).

7 August

IX Pentecost
MC: Br Ciarán Anthony
SD: C. Thomas Brown
TH: Jason Grant
CR: Brian Harris
A: Dan Orsen
A: Julianne Turé

14 August

Eve of the Assumption
MC: Julianne Turé
SD: Dustin Henderson
TH: Charles Dale
CR: Frederick Ou
A: Brian Harris*
A: Xander Mojarrab

21 August

XI Pentecost
MC: Dustin Henderson
SD: Michael Gnozzio
TH: Xander Mojarrab
CR: Chase Du Maurier*
A: Frederick Ou
A: Br Ciarán Anthony

28 August

XII Pentecost
MC: Charles Dale
SD: Julianne Turé
TH: Dan Orsen
CR: Chase Du Maurier
A: Michael Gnozzio
A: Brian Harris

* New position. Please contact Julianne to arrange a rehearsal in advance.