11am Mass Roster for May 2022

Coming in June: Thursday, June 16, 6:30pm: Corpus Christi.

Contact Julianne Turé (jture@comcast.net or 617-529-3248) to make changes or if you cannot serve as scheduled.

1 May

III Easter – Vidi Aquam
MC: Br. Ciarán Anthony
SD: Michael Gnozzio
TH: Dustin Henderson
CR: Frederick Ou
A: Kirthi Bellamkonda
A: Dan Orsen

8 May

IV Easter – Vidi Aquam
MC: Dustin Henderson
SD: Charles Dale
TH: Michael Gnozzio
CR: Jimmy Jia
A: Mark Aparece
A: Julianne Turé

15 May

V Easter – Vidi Aquam
MC: Frederick Ou
SD: Br. Ciarán Anthony
TH: Mark Aparece
CR: Dan Orsen
A: Xander Mojarrab
A: C. Thomas Brown

15 May – 5:00pm

Solemn Evensong & Benediction
MC: Julianne Turé
SD: Dustin Henderson
TH: Dan Orsen

22 May

VI Easter – Vidi Aquam; Rogation Sunday
Procession to the Garden, weather permitting
MC: Michael Gnozzio
SD: Julianne Turé
TH: Br. Ciarán Anthony
CR: Charles Dale
A: Dustin Henderson
A: Frederick Ou

26 May – Thursday, 6:30pm

Ascension Day
MC: Mark Aparece
SD: C. Thomas Brown
TH: Jason Grant
CR: Brian Harris*
A: Lily Roberts
A: Paul Roberts

29 May

VII Easter – Vidi Aquam
MC: C. Thomas Brown
SD: Frederick Ou
TH: Xander Mojarrab
CR: Mark Aparece
A: Jason Grant
A:  Br. Ciarán Anthony

* New positionPlease arrange a rehearsal with Julianne Turé.

9am Mass Usher Rota, February-March 2022

Contact: John Boyd, h – 781-894-9276 / john.boyd1@comcast.net

Ushers Notes
February 6, 2022 Jack Gurnon Solemnity of the Purification (Candlemas)
February 13, 2022 John Boyd  
February 20, 2022 Maggie Dunbar  
February 27, 2022 Jack Kaminski  
March 6, 2022 Paul (Mary) Roberts First Sunday in Lent / Annual Parish Meeting
March 13, 2022 Jack Gurnon Daylight Saving Time begins (“spring forward”)
March 20, 2022 John Boyd  
March 27, 2022 Jack Kaminski