11am Mass Roster for May 2021

Please come early on your assigned Sunday(s) so we can walk through the liturgy together.

Contact Julianne Turé (jture@comcast.net or 617-529-3248) to make changes or if you cannot serve as scheduled.

May 9
VI Easter
Server: C. Thomas Brown
Subdeacon: Frederick Ou
Thurifer: Xander Mojarrab
May 16
VII Easter (Sunday after Ascension; Annual Meeting at 10am)
Server: Julianne Turé
Subdeacon: Br. Ciaran Anthony
Thurifer: Dustin Henderson
May 23
Server: Xander Mojarrab
Subdeacon: Dustin Henderson
Thurifer: Charles Dale
May 30
Trinity Sunday
Server: Dan Orsen
Subdeacon: Mark Aparece
Thurifer: Jason Grant