When empty-handed, the hands should be folded at waist height in front of you.

AA face across chancel at all times except when facing the Gospel Book during the reading of the Gospel.

How to genuflect: Put the right knee down and keep your back vertical! We are not football players in the huddle.

How to carry a candle: The outside arm is always down and out. AA carry the turned wooden torches.

How to walk and carry a candle at the same time: ALL step off on left foot first. Pairs should hold their candles at a level. If there is a height disparity between partners, the taller partner should accommodate the shorter by carrying his/her candle lower. Hold the candle far enough in front of you so that your knees do not knock into it as you walk.

(See Appendix for changes to Entrance when there is a Procession.)
AA, bearing lighted torches, escort CR at entrance, following TH. When proceeding up side aisles, AA move in front of CR. When they reach the Choir, CR steps off into his/her stall. AA come together and proceed to chancel steps. Inside gate they split off and take positions in front of the horns of the altar, Gospel-side A to left (outside) of TH who is already in place.

ALL enter in procession, and without reverencing (no bows), take their places at altar steps in this order:


MC cues ALL to genuflect at conclusion of Hymn. While SMs ascend altar steps to footpace, MC, TH and AA proceed single file to credence. AA put up their candles in holders and stand in front of them.

The Liturgy of the Word:
Remain standing for opening salutation, Collect for Purity, Summary of the Law, Kyrie and Gloria. Sit for OT and NT lessons.

The Gospel Procession:
At conclusion of NT lesson, ALL rise. AA take up candles and meet TH at gate as he/she enters from smoke sacristy. MC cues genuflection. AA split to stand in front of the horns of the Altar while TH goes to CEL to have incense laid on.

SD moves book and takes place to Gospel-side A’s right, leaving space for TH.

TH, D, and MC take their places in lineup. MC cues ALL to genuflect and turn.

MC leads off, followed by AA, TH, SD and D in that order.

AA take places in centre aisle as directed by MC. Face across holding candles aloft throughout chanting of Gospel.

At conclusion of Gospel, SD takes book and proceeds up aisle. MC follows. AA follow MC. TH follows AA. D follows TH.

MC, AA, TH, and D return to lineup at altar steps, but closer to each other since SD is not part of this lineup. MC cues genuflection. TH retires to Smoke Sacristy and all others proceed single file back to their places at sedilia/credence.

ALL sit.

Creed, Prayers, Confession, Peace:
For the Nicene Creed, Intercessions, and Confession MC and AA stand and move forward to bottom step. ALL kneel for Confession and Absolution, and stand for Peace.

After the Peace, AA stand in front of their candles. When the Offering has been received and SMs ascend to Altar, “downstage” (closer to back wall) A picks up water cruet and both AA ascend to side steps. Empty-handed A receives bason from SD, who takes water cruet from other A to mix with wine. SD returns cruet and bows. AA return bow, turn and descend to credence and stand in front of their candles.

After CEL has been censed, downstage A takes water cruet and upstage A places lavabo towel over left arm and takes bowl in both hands. AA ascend to step and wash CEL’s fingers. CEL bows, AA bow in return, turn and descend to credence. Replace cruet, bowl, and towel (do not place wet towel in bowl of water!), and stand in front of candles. AA bow to TH when he/she censes them.

MC returns from other side of Altar, spreads cushions and bids AA to their places (just inside pavement candle). AA stand in front of cushions.

Canon of the Mass:
After Sanctus and Benedictus, MC cues ALL to kneel. AA remain kneeling until after the Prayer of Humble Access. As the Agnus Dei begins, MC cues ALL to rise. AA return to their places at credence. The “downstage” A (nearest the reredos) takes the two extra chalices up to the altar and places them to the right of the corporal, then descends sideways (so as not to turn his/her back on the Sacrament).

ALL stand for the Invitation to Communion and to receive the Sacrament.

During Communion, AA remain standing at credence.

As Communion concludes, MC ascends to Altar. AA come up side steps and stand beside Epistle horn to receive cleansed vessels. “Downstage” A receives chalices; “upstage” A receives ciborium and flagon. When all vessels have been handed off, AA turn and descend steps to credence. Chalices are placed on credence. Ciborium and flagon are placed on table below credence.

“Upstage” A proceeds around step to wait (in front of Epistle-side pavement candle) to receive veiled Chalice from SD. A takes veiled Chalice to credence, then takes place at bottom step with other A and MC.

Postcommunion Prayer, Recessional, and Cleanup:
MC and AA kneel together on bottom step (same position as for Confession of Sin) for Postcommunion Prayer, Blessing, and Dismissal.

After the Dismissal, MC cues ALL to rise. AA take up their candles and, exiting gate without genuflecting or acknowledging Altar, go down to Choir floor to meet CR facing Altar. AA must remember to meet at the space between the altar rail before proceeding in tandem down the steps.

MC, SMs, and TT take their places at altar steps. After hymn playthrough, MC cues genuflection. AA and CR do not genuflect. As altar party turns to face west, AA and CR turn. During closing hymn AA and CR lead procession up center aisle and into baptistry.

As directed by MC, AA assist with the return of vestments to the sacristy, removal of vessels and books from the sanctuary, and the extinguishing of candles after the Mass.

APPENDIX: Processions
When there is a procession, the opening entrance is the short way via the North Door. A CR A proceed across transept, turn and ascend steps, and remaining three abreast “wheel off” to right, then turn to face across choir. When CEL has ascended to altar steps, A CR A wheel out to center of choir floor, facing the Altar.

Th has incense laid on and goes to choir floor behind A CR A; D turns to bid procession, then turns back to face altar. MC cues ALL to genuflect as hymn play-through begins. As CEL turns to face people, SD and D cross on steps behind him.

Upon return, AA go to their normal lineup places at altar rail. ALL genuflect at MC’s cue and go to their places.

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Liturgical Customary