CR faces across chancel at all times except when facing the Gospel Book during the reading of the Gospel.

Hold the cross under the first and second knurl. (“Lift High the Cross/the love of Christ proclaim…”) However, note that there is no consistency in knurl placement among the processional crosses. In general, the base of the processional cross staff should never be higher than the knees. And, needless to say, the base of the cross should never be grasped and anchored at the waist in the fashion of military flag-bearers. In general, the lower hand should be at the waist and the upper hand aligned with the chin – and never aligned with the eyes, for obvious reasons.

How to walk and carry the cross at the same time: Step off on left foot first. Hold the cross far enough in front of you so that your knees do not knock into it as you walk. The cross should ideally be carried so that the tops of the candles are level with the horizontal bar of the cross. If there is a height disparity between CR and AA, the taller server(s) should accommodate the shorter.

How to genuflect: Put the right knee down and keep your back vertical! We are not football players.

**While carrying the Cross, the CR never genuflects.**

The key to the cross closet (Key #27) is kept in master key box in work sacristy. However, the closet should already be unlocked.

The choice of cross to use should be noted on the monthly schedule. If it is not, check with the MC.

The Service:
(See Appendix for changes to Entrance when there is a Procession.)

TH leads Procession and sets pace. A CR A follow at a safe distance (at least 3 pews back).

When CR reaches top of steps from crossing, AA move forward and CR walks to stall on left and puts cross in holder. Always secure cross in holder with latch.

CR faces east to genuflect with rest of chancel party on MC’s cue, then faces across chancel.

CR remains in stall, sitting/standing/kneeling as cued by MC (do not take cues from choir’s posture), until Communion.

See Appendix for procedure when CEL is wearing a cope.

When choir clergy take Hosts and chalice to All Saints Chapel, CR goes to All Saints Chapel to receive and counts Communions at the Chapel station. *Do not count those who receive blessings only, such as small children.*

When last communicant has left chapel rail, CR returns to stall.

CR kneels for Postcommunion Prayer, Blessing, and Dismissal. During the introduction to the closing hymn, pick up the processional cross, step into the stall aisle, face liturgical south, adjust the height of the cross, proceed straight ahead to the center, make a 90-degree left turn, and process in a measured, dignified manner to the base of the steps leading up the area below the altar rail.

MC, TT, and SMs line up at altar and MC cues genuflection at end of hymn play-through. A CR A do not genuflect.

As altar party turns to face the people, A CR A turn and proceed down the centre aisle to the baptistry. CR always turns to the right.

CR sets the pace for the Recessional. Do not be a roadrunner! Pace should be stately, but not glacial.

After returning cross to its hook in closet, CR assists with cleanup and gives Communion count to MC.

APPENDIX: Processions
Procession enters in silence, short way from North door.

As A CR A come into choir, they wheel off to right and stand abreast facing choir stalls until CEL arrives at altar steps, at which time they wheel out and stand in centre of choir floor facing the Altar. Cued by MC, SMs, MC and TT[TT] genuflect (A CR A do not).

Th has incense laid on and goes to choir floor behind ACrA; D turns to bid procession, then turns back to face altar. MC cues ALL to genuflect as hymn play-through begins. As CEL turns to face people, SD and D cross on steps behind him.

As SMs face people, TH leads procession. A CR A follow as usual, keeping a safe distance in case TH decides to do “360’s.”

In side aisles, which are too narrow to walk 3 abreast, AA go ahead of CR.

As Procession returns to Altar, CR goes off to stall and AA proceed to altar steps to normal entrance lineup. When MC and SMs arrive, MC cues genuflection and all file off to credence as usual.

At end of Procession, CR takes copes from choir clergy and returns them to sacristy, exiting via All Saints door (opposite sacristy door). To return to stall, go behind All Saints reredos.

CEL will wear cope until Offertory. CR should be alert for MC’s signal to come and collect the cope.

After laying on incense for Offertory Procession, CEL removes cope. CR walks up to right (Epistle-side) altar rail and receives cope from MC. Take cope out through smoke sacristy to priests’ sacristy, laying it over large chair at desk. (If sacristy door is locked, the key hangs in niche to right of cross closet in smoke sacristy.)

CR returns to stall via All Saints Chapel door, going behind reredos.

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Liturgical Customary