Vestments – in drawer beneath vesting altar, label according to day and time:
— Chasuble, stole and maniple (if the set includes a maniple)
Vessels – in compartment in sofe, label according to day and time:
— Chalice, purificator, paten, priest’s Host, pall, veil, burse with corporal; bread box (for masses with expected attendance greater than 25 people or as requested by clergy), cruets with wine and water (fill to handle), lavabo bowl and towel

— In Subdeacon’s drawer – tunicle, maniple, cincture, alb (check size chart on lavatory door), amice
— In deacon’s drawer – dalmatic, maniple, stole, cincture, alb, amice
— In drawer beneath vesting altar, labeled with day and time – chasuble, maniple, and stole
— Extra stoles for choir clergy (on bar on end of sofe)
— Chalice, purificator, paten, priest’s Host, pall veil burse with corporal and two purificators
— Ciborium with people’s wafers (100 for 9 AM, 150 for 11AM)
— Large crystal flagon with wine (1.5 cups serves about 100 people)
— Twin chalices with small palls
— Cruets with “A”- water, and “V” – wine
— Lavabo bowl and towel
If there is an extra communion station:
— Chalice and ciborium from solemn mass set not in use
— Extra ciborium for second station at high altar

— Sexton will fill font with warm water just prior to the start of the service and raise the font cover
— Silver shell
— Chrism (from holy oil aumbry in All Saints’ Chapel)
— Aspergillum and aspersorium (for aspersing the people on the way back from the font)
— Baptismal ewer full of water (so that the celebrant may pour the water in front of the people)
— Baptismal candle (remove from wrapper)
— Crystal bowl with cotton balls (for celebrant to cleanse fingers after chrismation)
— Large cotton towel
— Prayer books for participants
— Black notebook with Rite I baptismal text ( for Rite I baptisms only)
— Hawk cruet for scooping water out of the font

— Cope and stole for officiant
— Stoles for assisting clergy
— Deacon and subdeacon (if present) in vestments as for mass
— monstrance throne (Large KJV Bible with portable communion set on top) covered with appropriate chalice veil and small corporal to accommodate monstrance
— Large corporal and burse on altar (spread corporal as at canon of the mass)
— Monstrance and veil on table below credence
— Consecrated Host in custodial with small veil (should be in Sacrament House)
— Card with Benediction service for officiant
— Carillon
— Humeral veil
— Benediction lights – Place on mensa of altar between outermost office lights
— Lectionary or Bible on lectern marked with beginning and conclusion of lessons.

Solemn or Low Mass set-up (verify color with clergy – either white, black, or purple)
Lectionary on lectern marked for appointed lessons. Gospel book Prayer books.
Paschal candle at head of coffin
If the body is present:
— Pall for coffin (either white or purple)
— Bier lights and coffin stand
If the body has been cremated:
— Two bier lights
— Table and extra chalice veil for container with ashes. If the color is white, cover with child’s pall.
Aspersorium with Holy water
Thurible with lighted coals (be sure sextons have turned off fire alarm)
Families often bring extra flowers. Be prepared to place them discreetly in visible places. Flower stands are behind reredos and in flower room.
Cloak, biretta, and container of earth at back of church if Cel is to accompany body to cemetery.

— Verify vestment requests with clergy and Flower Guild
— Solemn or Low Mass set-up as appropriate
— If not a Mass, officiant will wear stole and cope
— Table for register (office staff must provide register)
— Cushions for bride and groom to kneel (or may use usual altar rail cushion)
— Chapel chairs from crypt placed on nave floor in front of pews for wedding party
— If wedding party is to be seated in chancel for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, they sit in choir stalls or at prie-dieu set off to the side of the choir.
— Paten with small purificator and aspersorium to bless rings
— Lectionary or readings for lectern
— Prayer books for all participants

— Holy Oil stocks (fill with cotton ball soaked with holy oil)
— Crystal bowl with cotton balls for the celebrant to purify the hands after anointing

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Liturgical Customary