To apply for the position of Rector of The Church of the Advent, please submit the materials outlined below by email (in PDF format, separate documents or a single all-in-one document) to

Or, if necessary, by mail to

The Search Committee of The Church of the Advent
Charles Street Station
PO Box 306
Boston, Mass. 02114


  • A cover letter;
  • A current CV;
  • Three sermons, preferably with audio or video links or files; and
  • Answers to the Advent Rector Application Questions below.

Advent Rector Application Questions

Short answers – please answer from one sentence to one paragraph:

  • the essence of your theology;
  • the essence of your view on worship and liturgy;
  • the spiritual gifts with which you are particularly endowed;
  • your style of leadership and management;
  • your approach to pastoral care;
  • your approach to Christian formation;
  • your approach to evangelization;
  • your approach to stewardship.

Please answer the following questions as the Spirit moves: 

  • What is The Church for?
  • What should a parish church be and do?
  • What is your understanding of the relationship between the local parish and the Universal Church?
  • What theologians have proved most formative and influential on your views, practices, and habits?
  • What would you do to ensure that the church is relevant to the contemporary world and its needs?
  • What else, if anything, would you like us to know?

If you have questions, please send them to (preferably) or leave a voice message at 617-523-2377 extension 136.

We will acknowledge all applications shortly after having received them.

With thanks for your interest, your diligence, and your prayers,

The Search Committee of The Church of the Advent

Please submit your application by 5 p.m. ET, Friday, August 9, 2019.