The Upper tier of candles is lit.
The Crystal cross is carried in the procession.
The book with the Bidding Prayer and lessons is placed on the lectern in the center of the Choir.
The book with the final collect and blessing is placed at the sedilia.
The seven hanging lamps and silver sanctuary lamp are lit (the Sacrament remains at the High Altar).
Servers include an MC, crucifer, and two acolytes. Clergy are vested in cassock, surplice, and tippet and academic hood, or cope.
Six ushers are needed to greet people and assist with the collection.
Readers are normally chosen from congregation, choir, and clergy. The officiant reads the final lesson.

The crucifer and acolytes lead the choir in from the entrance to Moseley Hall. The choir will normally sing the Matins responsory from this place. At the beginning of the entrance hymn, ACrA lead the choir up the main aisle to the choir. AA go to foot of altar steps and split to either side to await the MC. Cr goes to stall, puts up cross, and faces east. Choir members and assisting clergy file into their pews and face east. MC goes to foot of altar steps with AA, and cues ALL to genuflect, and then servers go to their seats as choir turns to face across. Officiant stops at foot of choir, genuflects on MC’s cue, and goes to lectern to begin the service.

Officiant says Bidding Prayer and leads congregation in the Lord’s Prayer then goes to rector’s stall.

First reader goes to lectern and reads first lesson. The readers precede each lesson by reading the introduction provided, and conclude by saying “Thanks be to God.” Music follows each lesson, either sung by choir, or by choir and congregation as indicated in the program.

Off goes to lectern to read final lesson, for which all stand. Off reads lesson and goes to the sedilia upon its conclusion, taking the book with him. Following this lesson, there is an organ voluntary, during which the ushers take up the collection. The offering is not presented at the altar. The choir then sings the Vesper Responsory. Off goes to the altar toward the end of the Responsory, and turns to face the people for the Versicle and Response, then faces the altar for the Collect. Off turns to people for the Blessing.

The last hymn begins immediately after the Blessing. Off comes straight down altar steps and is joined by MC. AA go to join CR in center of choir floor. Choir and choir clergy face east. At last chord of playthrough, MC cues ALL (except ACrA) to genuflect, and ACrA lead ALL out of chancel to back of church as after Mass.

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Liturgical Customary