Special Attire:
The Celebrant wears a cope for any Feast which includes a Solemn Procession (see list under “Altar Hardware” below). Processions are also provided for those Sundays in Lent on which the Great Litany is sung.

On Advent Sunday only, all three Sacred Ministers wear copes for the Solemn Procession. Copes are removed in the sacristy at the conclusion of the procession and vestments in the proper liturgical color of Advent are worn for the remainder of the Mass.

Tunicle(s) are worn by the crucifer(s) only on Christmas Eve and Easter Day. At the discretion of the Rector, this provision may be extended to include Pentecost and Christ the King and other special celebrations, such as the Institution of a Rector. A second thurifer and crucifer may be used for the same. Note that a second thurifer is specified in the customary for Corpus Christi, Maundy Thursday, and Te Deum.

Altar Hardware (except where noted, Solemn Masses on these days normally include a Procession):

1. The Upper Tier of altar candles:
Advent Sunday (Feast of Dedication & Title)
Christmas Eve
New Year’s Eve (Lessons & Carols)
Easter Eve and Easter Day
Ascension Day (we have not in the past had a Procession on this day)
Trinity Sunday (Te Deum, no Procession)
Corpus Christi
Assumption (when it is celebrated with a Solemn Mass)
All Saints Day
The Feast of Christ the King (Procession and Te Deum)
Any other Feast day observed with a Solemn Mass
Other occasions of great importance, such as the Institution of a Rector.

1a. When the Bishop of the Diocese (the Ordinary) is present at Mass, a seventh candle is placed in the center of the gradine and lit. This provision applies only to Mass and not to any other service.

2a. The Crystal Crucifix – same as #1 above.

2b. The Festal Brass Cross :
any Sundays falling between Christmas and Epiphany
Sundays in Eastertide
other Feasts for which the Crystal Crucifix is not used (e.g., Thanksgiving Day).

2c. The Dominical Brass Cross:
all Sundays in Ordinary Time, including Sundays between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday
Sundays in Advent.

2d. The Plain Wooden Cross :
Ash Wednesday
all Sundays in Lent
Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday

3. The Brass-covered Gospel Book – same as for the Upper Tier and the Crystal Crucifix.

4. The Burning Bushes (Note that this list is not the same as #1, 2a, 3 above):
Feast of Title & Dedication
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Sunday after Christmas
New Year’s Eve
Candlemas (when solemnized)
Easter Vigil and Easter Day
Ascension Day
Pentecost Sunday*
Trinity Sunday*
Corpus Christi
Feast of Christ the King*

* If any of these masses is celebrated with an Orchestra, the Burning Bushes will not be used, due to space considerations in the chancel.

5. The Jeweled Vessels:
Christmas Eve
Easter Vigil
Easter Day
Other occasions of great importance, such as the Institution of a Rector, that would warrant one of the Wardens being present to open the safe.

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Liturgical Customary