• CEL will wear chasuble at entrance. The Te Deum is a separate service, so CEL will change into cope at end for this. Cope should be placed in Lady Chapel or behind reredos.

• Two thurifers serve at this mass. At opening line-up Th1 stands between MC and A1 and Th2 stands between SD and A2. Th2 takes seat at Bishop’s Throne with TT until Te Deum, unless Th’s are splitting duties. The two thurifers should be roughly the same height and should choose thuribles with chains of the same length.

• The rites follow custom until communion, when Th2 receives and exits to smoke sacristy to prepare coals while Th1 receives.

• TT remain in place and count communions as usual. After the last person receives, TT exit to smoke sacristy to retrieve lighted torches. They remain in smoke sacristy until prompted to re-enter by MC.

• Ablutions, post communion prayer, blessing and dismissal follow as usual. Since the Mass is over and the Te Deum is a separate service, the dismissal is “Let us bless the Lord”, with double Alleluias added in Eastertide. After the dismissal, SMs move to epistle horn and off to sedilia, where they assist CEL to change into cope.

• When CEL is vested in cope, MC cues Th’s to enter followed by TT. Thurifers will enter and stand in center at the foot of the altar steps. TT enter and take their places between medallions. MC cues Th’s and TT to genuflect.

• Th’s go to CEL to have thuribles charged. They return to center, genuflect ALONE, and go down to crossing.

• Led by A2, SMs and MC line up at foot of altar steps. Crucifer remains standing in stall. Choir begins to chant Te Deum and thurifers swing thuribles with exuberance. Begin initial swing to the left. Th’s may do 360’s simultaneously, with Th1 giving cues or may do them every fourth swing, however they have arranged.

• At conclusion of Te Deum, MC cues ALL to genuflect and ALL turn to face congregation, except TT, who face across. Th’s exit to smoke sacristy to avoid setting off the fire alarm in the hallway. AA go immediately to meet Crucifer who comes out to center of choir floor. ACrA should pause briefly at crossing to allow the choir to catch up. The exit procession follows the usual order.

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Liturgical Customary