Stewardship 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,
We are now at that time of year when the clergy and people of the Advent are taking stock of the many blessings that God has given us, both as individual Christians and as a parish family. As October draws to a close, we write to you – as the leadership of the Advent has written for 176 years – to ask you to make a declaration of your financial stewardship for the coming year. Read more...

Common Questions about Stewardship

What is Christian stewardship?
“Stewardship is everything I do,
with everything I have,
after I say, I believe.”

Christian stewardship is not first and foremost about collecting dollars to pay the bills, though this is not unimportant! Rather, it is an opportunity to express, in an outward and visible way, the spiritual truth that God is the owner of everything—our time, which is in his hands; our talents, which are from God; and our treasure, which is that portion of the world’s wealth that he allows to us. God is the owner, we are his managers (stewards). Read more...

Stewardship Sermons

From the Rector’s sermon on October 18, 2020 (Read or listen here):
“All things come of thee, O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee.” What we give back to God is the first. What we give back to God is the best. What we give back to God is the highest. The best always goes back to the source—God. Not our leftovers, but something meaningful—a sacrifice. That’s the definition of a sacrifice, “something that makes a difference”.

From the Rector’s sermon on October 25, 2020 (Read or listen here):
This year, your goal and mine should be to offer a good pledge, a worthy pledge, a pledge that reflects spiritual growth, a pledge that is pleasing to God.

Online Giving Portal

To make payments on an existing pledge, or to donate for other needs, visit

This portal enables you to automate pledge payments and direct gifts to specific funds or campaigns (as needs arise). You can designate where you want your gift to go in the “Fund” field.

Please note: If you had an account on our previous online-giving platform, Abundant, you will need to create a new login for Realm. You will receive an email from the Parish Office with an invitation link and instructions.


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