Welcome to the Church of the Advent! If you are new to the area, visiting, or seeking a church home, we are glad you’re here and hope to have a chance to greet you in person.

Child care is offered during the 9 am and 11:15 am services; an usher can guide you to the nursery.

A Coffee Hour following each service is held in Moseley Hall, reached through the side door at the back of the church. A lift is available for anyone who needs it.

Welcome cards are located in each pew; please fill one out so we can keep in touch.

The palms are given to the Glory of God and in joyful Thanksgiving for Liam and Catherine.

There is no Church School today (or next Sunday). Church School will resume on April 28.

There is no Entr’acte or Coffee Hour today.

Easter Sunday Coffee Hours. We will have potluck coffee hours on Easter day again this year and ask that each person bring a dish to share. This not only helps ease the burden of having a few hosts, but also adds to the festivities. If you have any questions, please contact the following: for 9:00, Barbara Boles (bbolesster@gmail.com); for 11:15,  Betsy James (ejames4@nc.rr.com), Roxy Hanson (roxenewu@yahoo.com), Frederick Ou (frederick.ou@gmail.com), or Kyle Pilares (kpilares.uk@gmail.com).


Childcare will be available during services Wednesday through Saturday of Holy Week. See next page for complete schedule of Holy Week services and activities.

The Wednesday Bible Study, which meets at 10 am in the library, is beginning a study of the epistles of James, Peter, and Jude.

Can you help the parish Flower Guild this week?  Preparing the floral decorations for Easter would be utterly impossible without reinforcements from outside the flower guild. Please join us if you can on any or all of the following days:

  • Maundy Thursday, April 18, 10 am–noon and/or 1–3:30 pm.
  • Holy Saturday, April 20, 10 am to 4 pm — please try to arrive by 11 am, but you do not have to stay all afternoon; even an hour or two is helpful.
  • Saturday April 27, 10:30 am (Post-Easter cleanup)

You do not need to have any flower arranging skills; if you can carry a bucket, climb a stepladder, use a broom, or fill a trash bag, we can use you! And if you like flowers but have never made an arrangement, this is a great chance to learn some basic techniques. Help is especially needed on Saturday, April 20.

Orders for Easter Flowers given in memory or thanksgiving are due in the office TOMORROW. We suggest you fill out a slip (found on the back of this bulletin) and put it in the marked basket in the office today, even if you don’t have payment with you.

REMINDER: Easter Day, we will hold our Easter Egg Hunt following the 9:00 Mass in the parish garden, and “resurrect” all the buried Alleluias from the beginning of Lent. The annual Petting Zoo will take place in the fall with the Blessing of the Animals.


The Walk for Hunger is on Sunday May 5! Please consider joining us on this epic 20-mile walk. But if you cannot, please show your support with a donation! Our goal is to raise $10K that will go to support Project Bread. Their financial support to The Church of the Advent’s Community Dinners is critical to the success of those Tuesday dinners. Go to the Advent website (www.theadventboston.org) for a Walk for Hunger web link to join our team and/or donate. And please reach out to us in person over the next weeks, too. We are excited to be team captains again – and know it will be a fun and rewarding day!

— The Briggs Kiernan Family, (Bruce + Suzi; Ellie + Emma)

SPECIAL EVENTS FOR TODDLERS TO TEENAGERS: We ask that parents please take note and mark in their calendars the following events, which will strengthen and enhance our ministry to our young people:

  • Easter Day, we will hold our Easter Egg Hunt following the 9 am Mass in the parish garden, and “resurrect” all the buried Alleluias from the beginning of Lent.
  • On Saturday, April 27 the Middle School and High School students will attend the Presiding Bishop’s Jamboree from 1:30 to 3:00 at the Cathedral. We will meet at 1 pm that Saturday and walk to the Cathedral together.
  • Also at the Cathedral, the parishioners who are prepared for Confirmation (see below) will be confirmed by Bishop Gates on Saturday, June 15 at 10:30 am.

In honor of Saint Francis, on Sunday, October 6, the children will be able to enjoy a petting zoo that morning and bring their animal friends to the church that afternoon for our Blessing of Pets.

Adult Confirmation Class scheduled. It is expected that all adult members of this Church, after appropriate instruction, will have made a mature public affirmation of their faith and commitment to the responsibilities of their Baptism and will have been confirmed or received by the laying on of hands by a Bishop of this Church or by a Bishop of a Church in full communion with this Church. In keeping with the National Canons of The Episcopal Church, we are offering Confirmation Classes beginning after Easter. Classes have been scheduled for any adults (16 years and older) who are desirous of Confirmation or Reception into The Episcopal Church. The classes are scheduled for Wednesday evenings May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, June 5 and 12, following the Healing Mass at 6:00 pm.

THEOLOGY ON TAP returns on Tuesday, April 30 at 7 pm in the Lower Bar at MAST Restaurant and Drinkery, 45 Province Street, Boston. Tyler VanderWeele will speak on “Religious Communities and Human Flourishing.” Dr VanderWeele is director of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard, which among other things studies how religious communities affect health, happiness, meaning and purpose, and close social relationships. Theology on Tap is preceded by Evening Prayer at 5:30 pm at the Advent. For more information, contact Fr Hanson.

SAINT MICHAEL’S CONFERENCE: A Conference in the Anglican Tradition for Young Adults of All Christian Communions.

By the end of the week, I was sad to be leaving all the new friends I had made at the Conference. I couldn’t believe that the week had gone by so fast. I had learned so many new things at the Conference that I knew would be valuable life lessons, but most of all I had learned to never judge something without knowing what it is like. This is what Harriet Lewis-Bowen told us about her time spent last summer at Saint Michael’s Conference. This educational conference for high school and college students is a week-long conference held in West Hartford, Connecticut from July 28 to August 3 this summer. We encourage every high school and college-aged student between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one to register and attend. Registration forms are available in the church or on the Conference’s website at www.saintmichaelsconference.com. Please see Father James, Betsy James, Rob Braman, Mark Dwyer, Gabriel Ellsworth, Sam James, or Harriet Lewis-Bowen if you are interested in attending.


Dear Members and Friends of the Church of the Advent:

This Sunday, Palm Sunday, we begin the most important week in the Church’s year. Together with Fr. Welch we invite you all, to borrow from the beautiful words of the Palm Liturgy Collect, to join in the contemplation of those mighty acts whereby we have been given life and immortality. And we look forward to celebrating with all of our Advent family the unequaled joy of Easter, the Day of Days and the Queen of Feasts. We also extend a special “welcome back” to the Rev’d Andrew Mead, formerly our Fourteenth Rector, now retired as rector of St. Thomas Church in the City of New York. It is a great pleasure and blessing to have Fr. Mead with us to celebrate Easter by his preaching of the Good News.

We would also like to share with the whole Parish a report of recent discussions and decisions in the Vestry regarding the Parish’s property holdings.

At its March meeting, the Vestry approved acceptance of a proposal from Holland Design & Construction for the complete renovation of the Rectory. This proposal comes after many months and study and discussion led by Tom and Carolyn McDermott, assisted by the Property Committee. We all owe the McDermotts a great debt of gratitude for the devotion of their time and professional skills to the Parish in this way.

The Rectory renovation project meets a desperate need. Almost every aspect of the building is out-of-date, from the kitchen to the electrical system to the plumbing fixtures to the windows to the heating and (nonexistent) air conditioning. The list goes on. So we are using the opportunity of the vacancy in the building created by the transition period to do some long-deferred work.

As you all might imagine, a complete renovation of a row house on Beacon Hill is not an inexpensive proposition. The total contract price for the work on the Rectory is $970,000, including replacement of all windows. An additional $165,000 will provide for restoration of the apartment living space on the garden level. Thanks to the sound planning and management of Parish finances by our Treasurer and Finance Committee—as well as a few well-timed donations, in particular a legacy from Vance Hosford—we have sufficient funds available in our revolving capital account to cover this cost. Accounting for the cost of the Rectory work and contingencies, we expect an approximately $500,000 balance to remain in the revolving capital account for the ongoing upkeep of our Church and buildings. The project will not require any draw from the endowment or use of funds from annual pledges.

The renovation project will bring the Rectory into compliance with current codes at a level of detail and finish that is comfortable and respectable. It will also put the kitchen into a state that will permit the parlor level to be used for more public functions, while maintaining a private family space for living, sleeping, and study on the second and third floors. The project will also include the restoration of the old garden-level apartment to a level that will allow it to be used as a residence or a guest space for a single person or a couple separate from the area the Rector’s family will inhabit.

The decision to commit over $1 million to renovation of the Rectory and restoration of the garden level apartment was taken in the context of a larger assessment of the Parish’s real estate holdings. In addition to the Church, Rectory, and Parish hall, we currently own three residential units on Beacon Hill: a house on South Russell Street, a three-bedroom condominium on Hancock Street, and a two-bedroom condominium on Mt. Vernon Street.

The South Russell Street house is the newest addition to the portfolio: it was purchased just over four years ago, at a significantly below-market rate. At the time, Fr. Wood and his family lived there as tenants. Later, Fr. James and his family would move there. When the house was purchased, the Vestry’s decision to do so anticipated that it was to be a relatively short-term holding, justified by the below-market price and the expectation that the return on the investment would equal or match that on the endowment, which supplied the funds for the purchase.

Following on that reasoning, the Vestry has now voted to sell the property while the Beacon Hill real estate market remains robust. Fr. James and his family have moved to Hancock Street, which was formerly rented. (Thanks to them for enduring that in service to the Parish!) And the Mt. Vernon Street apartment is rented on an annual basis, generating nice income for the Parish while leaving open the possibility to reclaim a well-located unit should it be needed in the future for clergy housing. We believe that the sale of South Russell Street will bring our real estate holdings in to a more sensible long-term profile. The proceeds from the South Russell Street sale will be used to “pay back” the Endowment for the funds used to purchase the property, plus “interest” at the Endowment’s rate of return over the relevant period. Should the sale generate any additional funds beyond that, the Wardens and the Finance Committee intend to propose to the Vestry that those amounts be added to the revolving capital account.

In other matters, we continue to work on finalizing the Parish Profile. We are currently responding to some very thoughtful and improving comments from the Bishop and the Regional Canon, and are thankful for the time and thought they have committed to assisting us ensure we have the best possible final document. We appreciate the continued prayers and patience of the entire Parish in support of the search process.

We close with the words of the psalmist, which punctuate the offertory at Maundy Thursday and at the Great Vigil: 

The right hand of the Lord hath the preeminence; the right hand of the Lord bringeth mighty things to pass. I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.

May this be our song of praise as we celebrate the Paschal Feast.

Faithfully your brothers in Christ,

Thomas Brown & Paul J. Roberts,


A note about email and texting scams:

E-mail impersonation scams involving gift card requests have been prevalent of late, and some dioceses, churches, clergy and other congregational leaders continue to be targeted. A common tactic in these scams (also known as “phishing”) is to send e-mails that appear to be from the recipient’s employer or a leader of an organization that the recipient is affiliated with (such as a rector or a bishop). These scam requests appear to come from a legitimate e-mail account of a known person and often incorporate a signature line that looks legitimate at quick glance. The scam e-mails say that urgent help is needed and request that the recipient buy and electronically send gift cards from a specific company, commonly Amazon, iTunes or Google Play. Gift cards are favored by scammers because once they’ve got the code from the back of the card the money is as good as in their hands and nearly impossible to trace.

Be skeptical of unexpected e-mail requests to send or spend money. Clergy and church leaders will never ask for emergency aid or donations in this way. Read with caution any e-mail that asks for gift cards. Look for tell-tale typos and grammatical mistakes, and double-check sender e-mail addresses for authenticity. If you believe a request may be authentic, phone the requester to confirm. Find more information about phishing scams, including how to report them, at www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0003-phishing.

From the Advent Archives —

An occasional offering of little known facts, amusing anecdotes, and miscellaneous wisdom, in honor of the 175th anniversary of this parish.

The Rev’d Julian D. Hamlin (formerly rector of the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Newport, Rhode Island) entered his duties as seventh rector of the Church of the Advent on the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels, 1929, and was installed by Bishop Slattery on Advent Sunday. His tenure was brief; he resigned at the Easter meeting of the Corporation in April 1934. In the Weekly Message for March 29, 1931, he wrote:

“The singing of the lessons and of the Passion, and a part of the Palm Sunday Rite, will be omitted this year, because of the crippled condition of the clergy staff. Immediately after the Blessing of the Palms, the Choir will sing the ancient Antiphons during the Distribution, and as the palms are being distributed to the congregation, the people may be seated until the beginning of the Processions. The Palm Sunday Procession symbolizes our Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The knocking at the main doors of the church is an ancient reminder of the knocking at the gates of Jerusalem.”

Following the sermon at Solemn Evensong for Palm Sunday, Mr Frederick Johnson, Organist and Master of the Choristers, led the choir in the anthem “Richard de Castre’s Prayer to Jesus.”

Jhesu, Lord, that maddest me,
                       And with Thy blessyd blood hast bought,
Forgive that I have grieved Thee
                       With word and wil, and eek with thought.
Jhesu, in whom is all my trust
                       That died upon the roode tree,
Withdraw myn herte from fleshly lust,
                       And from all worldly vanyte.
Jhesu, for thy wounds smerte
                       On feet and on thyn hands two,
O make me meeke and low of herte,
                       And Thee to love as I schulde do.
Jhesu, keepe them that are good,
                       Amend them that han grieved Thee,
And send them fruites of earthli food
                       As each man needeth in his degree.

 Mark Dwyer comments: This simple setting of “Richard de Castre’s Prayer to Jesus” was new music in the 1930s. It is in a modal and carol-like style which perfectly suits the 15th century text written by Richard de Castre, who was the vicar of St. Stephen’s Church in Norwich, England. It was composed by the Tudor-music pioneer, Richard Terry, who for the first quarter of the twentieth century was the director of music at Westminster Cathedral in London, where he established a magnificent choral tradition with repertoire comprised of Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony, and new works written especially for the cathedral choir by such composers as Howells, Holst and Vaughan Williams. It remains in the repertoire of the Advent Choir and occasionally appears on both the summer and 9:00 mass repertoire lists.

Holy Week Service Schedule

April 15-21, 2019

Monday, April 15
Monday in Holy Week
7:30 am: Low Mass
12:15 pm: Low Mass
6:00 pm: Low Mass

Tuesday, April 16
Tuesday in Holy Week
7:30 am: Low Mass
12:15 pm: Low Mass
5:30 pm: Community Supper
6:00 pm: Low Mass

Wednesday, April 17
Wednesday in Holy Week
7:30 am: Low Mass
10:00 am: Bible Study
12:15 pm: Low Mass
6:00 pm: Low Mass
7:00 pm: Tenebrae

Confessions will be heard following the Liturgies of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday in the confessionals at the rear of the Church.

Thursday, April 18
Maundy Thursday
6:30 pm: Liturgy of Maundy Thursday with Foot Washing, Solemn Procession of the Sacrament to the Altar of Repose, Stripping of the Altars. Watch before the Sacrament until midnight. 

Friday, April 19
Good Friday
12:00 pm: The Three Hours, preached by the Parish Clergy
6:30 pm: Liturgy of Good Friday with the Passion according to St John

Saturday, April 20
Holy Saturday
10:00 am: Advent Choir Rehearsal
12:00 noon: Acolyte Rehearsal
6:30 pm: The Great Vigil, Holy Baptism, & the First Mass of Easter

Sunday, April 21
Easter Day
7:30 am: Easter Matins
8:00 am: Low Mass
9:00 am: Procession & Sung Mass
10:15 am: Easter Egg Hunt
11:15 am: Procession & Solemn Mass

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