If you are visiting or new to the Advent, we hope that you will feel welcome and at home. Please fill out a visitor’s/newcomer’s card so that we will have a record of your visit here and can keep in touch.

All persons baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit are invited to the Altar to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you wish to receive a blessing, come to the Altar and cross your arms over your chest.


9:00 Coffee Hour. Will Joyner & Linda Jones and Abigail & Alister Lewis-Bowen host the Coffee Hour this morning.  Next week the hosts will be Cassie & Jack Gurnon and Judy Bell & Francesco Piscitelli. New coffee hour hosts are always needed; please contact Barbara Boles by email bbolesster@gmail.com, or telephone (617-501-7572) if you’re interested or have questions about what is entailed.

11:15 Coffee Hour. Nicholas Dials & Dustin Henderson and Steven Sayers & Ross Wood host the Coffee Hour this morning.  The hosts next week are Meg & Brent Nelson and Roxy & Jeff Hanson.  We are in need of more volunteers to do the coffee hour.  To view the schedule of available dates and select a date to co-host, please go to http://theadventboston.org/1115-coffee-hour-signup/.  If you have any questions, please contact Marcos or Daniel German-Domingues (mrbgd@hotmail.com or DGDomingues@outlook.com), Frederick Ou (frederick.ou@gmail.com), or Kyle Pilares (kpilares.uk@gmail.com).

Entr’acte: This morning Jim Wood, our Parish Administrator, continues a Lenten series on “The Death of the Messiah,” an examination of the Passion Narratives in the four Gospels, based on Father Raymond E. Brown’s masterwork of the same name.  In particular, we will explore what the differences in the Gospel accounts tell us about the theology of the Evangelists and their communities.

If you find the incense this morning disagreeable, don’t be too distressed.  It’s supposed to be that way.  In Lent we use Myrrh at Mass.  Myrrh, you will remember, was one of the mystic gifts presented by the Magi to the infant Jesus.  It is sharp and acrid and its “bitter perfume” evokes tears and signifies death.  Indeed, in the Middle East, where it is called “the incense of tears,” it is often used at funerals to mask the odor of decomposition.

In Lent we are directed to meditate upon the passion, suffering, and death which Jesus endured for us.  Myrrh is an olfactory stimulus to focus our attention towards that end.

Compline at the Advent—This evening, March 12, at 8 pm—Join us for the ancient liturgy of Compline, preceded by Lucernarium, an evening service of lamp-lighting.  We pray Compline on the second Sunday of every month at 8:00 pm in the nave.  There is particular need for parishioners familiar with liturgical practice at the Advent to participate, so if you are interested in helping celebrate this service of prayer before bedtime in the custom of early Christian monasticism, please contact Fr Hanson (frhanson@theadventboston.org) or Fr. Wood (frwood@theadventboston.org).

Today is the Second Sunday in Lent:  Lent was a period of preparation for those about to be baptized, and over time it became a period of penitence, self-examination and special devotion by all Christians as they prepared to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.  Lent was more than just an individual discipline, however.  It was something in which the whole community would engage together.  This year we at the Advent will again recapture the corporate nature of Lenten practice, and we call on every member of the Parish to consider joining others in the following common discipline.  Each week, those who wish will fast together from a particular pleasure, whether it’s sweets, coffee, entertainment, technology, etc., and we will all read the same scriptural passages and meditate upon the same theme each day.

A common devotional Guide, The Shape of Lent at the Church of the Advent, is available at the rear of the nave and online, and it lists the suggested fast for each week along with daily scripture readings which begin with the Creation and follow the history of Salvation up to its fulfillment in the New Creation of all things in the Resurrection of Jesus.

Engaging in communal fasts and corporate devotional practices will deepen our sense of community, as well as provide support and accountability for each of us in this rich liturgical season.  If you have questions, please get in touch with one of the clergy who will be happy to discuss it with you.

About the Lenten High Mass Set.  The Frontal on the High Altar is an exact replica of our first Lenten Frontal.  It displays the colors of the season:  violet and rose.  The Vestments were made to match the Frontal and are embroidered with the Instruments of the Passion of Jesus:  his betrayal, his crucifixion, and his death.  On the Cope are the Five Wounds:  nail prints in his hands and feet, the slash of the centurion’s lance in his side, pictured as his heart.  On the Chasuble:  the nails and the crown of thorns.  On the Dalmatic:  the hammer and tongs, the lance and the pole bearing a sponge soaked in vinegar.  On the Tunicle:  the scourge with which Jesus was whipped, Pilate’s basin and pitcher with which he washed his hands, disavowing his guilt, and delivered Jesus to be crucified.

The Frontal and Vestments were given in memory of John Henry Diehl III, a priest in the Church, by members of his family.

Can You Help?  Morning and Evening Prayer is scheduled to be prayed every day at 9:00 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Because pastoral responsibilities, it is becoming more and more difficult for the Clergy alone to maintain these Monday through Friday services, and so we badly need volunteers to conduct services if the present schedule is to continue.  Think about this, and if you are able to take on one of these evening services, please speak to Fr Warren or Fr Wood.


Bible Study Continues—Wednesdays at 10 am—Parish Library—Interested in studying the Bible with others from our parish?  Join us in the Library on Wednesday mornings at 10 am. This week we continue our study of the Book of Revelation with Chapters 4 and 5.   

On Thursdays during Lent at 6 pm, Stations of the Cross and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament will be prayed in the church.  At Stations we meditate on the events which led to the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus.  At Benediction we meditate on his Risen Presence with us in the Blessed Sacrament, which flows from his atoning and sacrificial death.  He had to die in order that we might live with and in Him.  That is a truth we think and pray about during the holy season.  Stations and Benediction is a helpful means to that end.  Consider making it a part of your week.

Confirmation Class on Wednesday Evenings:  Confirmation class continues this Wednesday, March 15, after the 6:00 mass.  We meet downstairs in Moseley Hall from 7 until about 8.30 pm.  We will share a light supper and then Advent parish clergy or our seminarian will deliver a brief talk about the core tenets of Christianity and Anglicanism.  The next Confirmation service will be Saturday, April 29.  Adults and teens who are interested should email frwood@theadventboston.org for more information.

Women’s Bible Study—Four Sessions Start Saturday, March 18—10 am-11:30 am in the Library:  Women have unique voices in scripture and in today’s church.  This bible study highlights their voices—and ours—by exploring how ancient prayers and stories inform us during this time of contemplation and reflection. Like the traditional Anglo-Catholic liturgy, these sessions will engage participants on many levels.  The facilitator, Advent parishioner Lurie Armandt, will guide participants in using interactive theatrical and artistic storytelling as we prepare to celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection.  Lurie is a graduate student at Emerson College studying Theatre and Community.  Her specific interest is around building community among women in the church.  Meetings will be on Saturdays March 18, March 25, April 1, and April 8, from 10:00 am—11:30 am in the Library.  Women interested in participating or who have any questions should contact Lurie at LuraineArmandt@gmail.com or Deacon Daphne B. Noyes at dbnoyes@gmail.com.


Next Sunday March 19, at 5:00 pm, the boys from St Paul’s Choir School Harvard Square will sing Evensong, including music of Malcolm Archer, Sydney Nicholson and Josef Rheinberger.  Under the direction of John Robinson, the choir and school have experienced a renaissance, and we always enjoy their visits with us.

Prior to the service, at 4:30 pm, St Paul’s newly-appointed Assistant Music Director Jeremy Bruns will present an organ recital including music of Mendelssohn, Howells and Demessieux.  He has held positions in Buffalo, Boston and Pittsburgh, and at St Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.


Meals Needed for Marfeos—1 to 15 March—Baby Gabriella Rose was born to Beth and Anthony Marfeo (and welcomed by proud big sis, Sophia!) on February 14, entering the world at a healthy 8 pounds, 2 ounces!  The whole family is doing well, and our parish family is helping them out by providing meals from 1 to 15 March.  If you can provide a meal (they live at 108 Wright Street in Arlington), go to http://bit.ly/2kIDYVJ to sign up and select a date on the Advent Meal Rota website.  Then contact Beth at 617.840.5310 or beth.marfeo@gmail.com to schedule a delivery. If you find it difficult to deliver a meal yourself, consider leaving food for them at the church to be picked up or delivered.


Discount Vouchers for the Boston Common Garage are available for $9.00 each from Deacon Daphne or Nola Sheffer. You can find them between the 9:00 and 11:15 Masses at the Coffee Hour or Entr’acte. The vouchers can be used after 4:00 pm weekdays, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Questions? email: nsheffer@newview.org.

Pledge Envelopes: The following persons have not picked up their pledge envelopes.  They may be found in the Parish House lobby:  Peter Black, Drayton Freeman, Stephen Kennedy, Montgomery Link, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Marfeo, Melanie McNaughton, Michael Oliveri, John Smith, and Ryan Taliaferro.

A schedule of Holy Week services at the Advent can be found on the penultimate page of this Sunday’s service bulletins and online.

A form for gifts of flowers for memorials or thanksgivings for Easter can be found on the last page of the bulletin. 

March 13-19, 2017

Monday, March 13
6:00 pm: Film Group Meeting

Tuesday, March 14
5:15 pm: Property Committee
5:30 pm: Community Supper
6:15 pm: Vestry

Wednesday, March 15
10:00 am: Bible Study
6:00 pm: Healing Mass
7:00 pm: Lenten Class
7:00 pm: Bellringing

Thursday, March 16
10:00 am: Play Group
6:00 pm: Stations of the Cross
7:00 pm: Advent Choir Rehearsal

Friday, March 17
(Patrick of Ireland)

10:00 am: Play Group
6:00 pm: Barbara Pym Meeting

Saturday, March 18
(Cyril of Jerusalem)
10:00 am: Women’s Bible Study
10:00 am: Advent Choir Rehearsal

Sunday, March 19
The Third Sunday in Lent
7:30 am: Morning Prayer
8:00 am: Low Mass
9:00 am: Sung Mass
10:15 am: Entr’acte / Church School
11:15 am: Solemn Mass with the Great Litany in Procession
4:30 pm: Organ Recital
5:00 pm: Solemn Evensong & Benediction

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