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The flowers at the High Altar are given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of George and Frances Lee McCormick.

The flowers in the All Saints Chapel are given to the Glory of God and in honor of all the saints, and in memory of Jonathan Myrick Daniels.

Due to the celebration of All Saints, Healing Services are postponed until next week.

*  If you are visiting or new to the Advent, we hope that you will feel welcome and at home.  Please fill out a visitor’s/newcomer’s card so that we will have a record of your visit here and can keep in touch.  *

All persons baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit are invited to the Altar to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  If you wish to receive a blessing, come to the Altar and cross your arms over your chest.

*  Childcare is provided for infants and toddlers during both the 9 am and 11:15 am Masses. 

 9:00 am—Infant nursery is located on the first floor in the room beyond the Parish Office.  The Toddler nursery is located downstairs in Moseley Hall.

11:15 am—Infant and Toddlers are cared for on the first floor in the room beyond the office.

If you have questions or special needs we want to hear them.  Contact Sarah Connor 617-480-3017 or  *

*  9:00 Coffee Hour.  Maye Chan & Kris Ferrario and Carolyn Shadid & Jason Lewis host the Coffee Hour this morning.  The hosts next week are Melissa Fox and Betsy & Peter Madsen.  New coffee hour hosts are always needed; please contact Barbara Boles by phone, 617-625-1857, or email if you’re interested or have questions about what is entailed.  *

*  11:15 Coffee Hour.  Today, Adam & Lea Rutledge and Frederick Ou host the Coffee Hour.  We have no hosts for next week’s coffee hour.  If you can assist, please phone or email the Coffee Team; otherwise there will be no snacks next week.  We are in need of more volunteers to do the coffee hour.  Please phone or send email to the Coffee Team to volunteer.  To sign up or if you have any questions, please contact Marcos or Daniel German-Domingues ( or, or Frederick Ou (  *

This Week!        This Week!        This Week!

All Souls Day will be observed tomorrow, Monday, November 2 with a Requiem Mass at 12:15 and a Solemn Requiem Mass at 6:30 pm.  The music of the Mass will be the Missa pro defunctis à 8 of Duarte Lôbo.  Envelopes to receive the names of persons to be remembered at these Masses may be found with the offering envelopes given to those who pledge to the Parish or at the rear of the Church.  Names must be in the Parish Office no later than 11:00 am tomorrow.

Holy Hour, Friday, November 6 at 11 am—“Could you not watch with me one hour?”  (Matthew 26.40)  Spending a “Holy Hour” with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is a centuries-old devotion that we have renewed at the Advent.  On the first Friday of every month, we gather in the Lady Chapel for Eucharistic adoration, prayer, worship, readings, and other acts of devotion.  Sort of a “mini-retreat,” Holy Hour is time to be still and be with God, escape the pressure of hectic daily life, and offer our love and devotion to God and receive his peace in return.  No experience necessary—come join us this Friday, November 6.  *

Community Groups at the Advent—Interested in being part of a small group?  These are the groups currently, or soon to be, meeting on a regular basis.

  • The Arts & Letters Group meets for reading and discussion most Wednesdays starting around 6:45, after the conclusion of the Healing Mass. Our reading selections are determined by consensus and range from contemporary commentaries on scripture and theology to the classic historic writings of the church.  On October 14 we began exploration of a new book, God and the New Atheism:  A Critical Response to Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens, by John Haught.  These discussions will be moderated by Michael Gnozzio.  Arts & Letters is open to all parishioners and guests.  Please contact Robb Scholten  ( for info.
  • The Beacon Hill Group meets at the home of Sammy and Renée Wood. For info, contact Sammy ( or Ali White (  All parishioners from the Beacon Hill area are welcome.  The group meets every second and fourth Wednesday at the Woods’ house.    

The Advent urges every one of her members to be part of a small group where we form deep friendships, do in-depth study, worship and pray, encourage each other, and serve together.  Whether you’ve been in small groups for decades or you’ve never been to one at all, you’re invited!  *

Coming Up!        Coming Up!        Coming Up!

*  Theology on Tap—7 pm on Tuesday, No*ember 10—Rattlesnake Bar on Boylston—Fr Philip Ellsworth on “God vs God:  Is the Old Testament God Really Cranky & Mean and the New Testament God Warm & Fuzzy?”

We’re excited to welcome Fr Philip Ellsworth to our next Theology on Tap on Tuesday 10 November!  Fr Ellsworth is Curate of St Francis Episcopal Church in Potomac, Maryland, and the former Associate Rector of St Bartholomew’s Church in New York—as well as actual father to the Advent’s own Gabriel Ellsworth.  The parish will host Fr Ellsworth for part of his sabbatical in 2016, and he graciously agreed to join us at Theology on Tap to take up an age old question:  “Is the God of the OT the God of the NT?”  When Jesus on the cross takes upon himself the curse of the covenant so that blessing might come to us, is he being a kinder, gentler version of the God whom those poor souls in the Old Testament were made to suffer?  Join us at 7 pm on November 10 for “God vs God” to find out the answer—and bring a friend!  *

*  Choral Evensong & Organ Recital—Sunday, November 18.  In the afternoon the Evensong at 5:00 pm will feature the works of Howell and Holst and Harris, preceded by an all-Scandinavian organ recital by Carson Cooman at 4:30 pm.  Please join us for a full day of worship through fine music. *

*  SSJE Retreat at Emery House on March 4 – 6, 2016:  The Advent is sponsoring a retreat during Lent at Emery House (, the SSJE (Society of St John the Evangelist) house in West Newbury, Massachusetts.  One of the brothers will direct the retreat, which runs Friday, March 4, through Sunday, March 6.  The suggested rate is $135/night for two nights, and a non-refundable deposit of $135 is due by Sunday, December 6, to reserve a spot.  For more information, contact Fr Wood (  *

Odds & Ends

*  Concert Sunday, November 8 at 3:30 pm in Moseley HallTramontana will present Songs of the Oracle, featuring the Propheti Sibyllarum of Orlando di Lasso and motets by William Byrd.  Songs of the Oracle is a creatively woven exploration of secular, mystical, and sacred beliefs about the coming of Christ through the works of two of the most gifted Renaissance composers.  Tramontana is a five-person ensemble, including several members of the Advent choir, dedicated to performing and finding the joy in early music.  All are invited to this hour of sacred mysteries, secular prophecies, and glorious singing.  There is a suggested $15 donation at the door.  *

Discount vouchers for the Boston Common Garage are available for $9.00 each from Nola Sheffer.  You can find her between the 9:00 and 11:15 Masses at the Coffee Hour or Entr’acte.  The vouchers can be used after 4:00 pm weekdays, and all day Saturday and Sunday.  Questions?  email:  *  


This Week at the Advent

November 2 – November 8

Monday, November 2
All Souls

     12:15 pm      Requiem Mass

6:30 pm      Solemn Requiem Mass

Tuesday, November 3
Richard Hooker

       5:30 pm      Community Supper

7:00 pm      Rehearsal (Tramontana)

Wednesday, November 4

       6:00 pm      Healing Mass

7:00 pm      Bell Ringing

Thursday, November 5

Friday, November 6
William Temple of Canterbury

     11:00 am      Holy Hour & Rosary

Saturday, November 7
Willibrord of Utrecht

     10:00 am      Advent Choir Rehearsal

7:00 pm      AA Meeting

Sunday, November 8
The Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost

      7:30 am      Morning Prayer

8:00 am      Low Mass

10:15 am      Church School

10:15 am      Entr’acte

11:15 am      Solemn Mass

3:00 pm      Concert:  Tramontana


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