The flowers at the High Altar are given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Melvin Lipscomb.

If you are visiting or new  to the Advent, we hope that you will feel welcome and at home.  Please fill out a visitor’s/newcomer’s card so that we will have a record of your visit here and can keep in touch.

All persons baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit are invited to the Altar to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you wish to receive a blessing, come to the Altar and cross your arms over your chest.

Childcare is provided for infants and toddlers during both the 9 am and 11:15 am Masses. 

9:00 am—Infant nursery is located on the first floor in the room beyond the Parish Office.  The Toddler nursery is located downstairs in Moseley Hall.

11:15 am—Infants and Toddlers are cared for on the first floor in the room beyond the office.

If you have questions or special needs we want to hear them.  Contact Meg Nelson 856-217-0847 or


9:00 Coffee Hour. Will Joyner & Linda Jones and Ray Porter host the Coffee Hour this morning.  The hosts next week will be Tony Pulsone & Darcy Montaldi and Melissa Fox.  New coffee hour hosts are always needed; please contact Barbara Boles by email, or telephone (617-501-7572) if you’re interested or have questions about what is entailed.

11:15 Coffee Hour. This week’s Coffee Hour is hosted by Eric Aho and Michael Oliveri.  Next week the hosts will be Brian Sirman and Thiago Rêgo.  We are in need of more volunteers to do the coffee hour. To view the schedule of available dates and select a date to co-host, please go to  If you have any questions, please contact Frederick Ou ( or Kyle Pilares (

This evening at 8 pm, join us for the ancient liturgy of Compline, preceded by Lucernarium, an evening service of lamp-lighting . We pray Compline on the second Sunday of every month at 8:00 pm in the nave.  There will be special music at the Compline service this evening and a reception will follow.  There is a particular need for parishioners familiar with liturgical practice at the Advent to participate, so if you are interested in helping celebrate this service of prayer before bedtime in the custom of early Christian monasticism, please contact Fr Hanson ( 

Dear Members and Friends of the Church of the Advent,

I would like to announce here on our web site something I announced at the Masses on All Saints’ Sunday. And that is, that I have called the Rev’d Jay Carleton James to come to the Advent and serve as Associate Rector. And . . . Deo gratias !! Father James has accepted my call. He is presently Rector of St. Timothy’s Church in Raleigh, North Carolina and has served there for twenty-three years. Both he and his wife Betsy have roots in New England, and many of you know them from summer Sundays when they worshipped at the Advent or from the St. Michael’s Conference with which Fr. James has been involved for any years. I noticed quite a few distinct smiles throughout the congregation when I made the announcement yesterday. He is an old friend of mine – I was at his wedding ! – and I look forward to the honor of serving side by side with him.

Father Warren

Fr. Jay and Betsy James and their children, Olivia and Sam.


Bible Study takes place on Wednesdays at 10:00 am in the Library.  We are currently reading the Epistle to the Romans. 

This coming Wednesday evening, November 15, there will be a service of Solemn Evensong and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at 6:30 pm.  On Thursday evening, November 16, a Solemn Mass will be celebrated also at 6:30 pm.  The Very Rev’d Professor Andrew McGowan, Dean of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale will preach at the Mass.  There services are offered in conjunction with the conference, Anglo-Catholicism: Uncovering Roots, to be held at the Advent this week.  All are invited to attend these services. 

The conference itself is completely subscribed, and so if you have not already registered we are sorry to say that there are no places left. 


Next Sunday, November 19, the Advent will have a Solemn Evensong and Benediction at 5:00 pm.  It will be preceded by an organ recital by John Wessler at 4:30 pm. 

At a light supper to follow, long-time friend of the Advent the Rev’d Canon Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff will speak about his experiences and perceptions regarding Muslim/Christian Relations in the Middle East, as well as his perceptions of the same in the West, entitled “For Better or Worse:  Just what do we want in the Middle East?”  It was supposedly said of John Foster Dulles as Secretary of State, that there was no situation which a few words from him could not make worse.  This is not only a caution to those so rash as to speak upon the subject, but also reminds of the long history of missteps and travail in the region.  There is now also a sense of fatigue affecting many who feel that Western efforts to intervene in the Middle East have all too often ended badly.  But probably everyone can at least agree that things are not as they should be.  While the remedies advanced are myriad and fragmented in consequence of a deep diversity of goals among the key actors, it is interesting to ask what a good outcome in the Middle East would be.  What is the place of Christians within that future and of the current religious diversity in the region?  What can we learn by reflecting upon where it all went wrong in the past?

The talk will reflect on or two key turning points and the impact of personal experience in the region upon these large questions.  It is hoped that these reflections will provoke a lively debate given the difficulty of arriving at definitive answers.

Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff is Director General of the World Dialogue Council, which promotes better relations between the many worlds of Islam and the West.  He was formerly Dean of All Saints’ Cathedral in Cairo where he has also advised the Anglican Bishop of Egypt, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, the Most Rev’d Dr Mounir Anis, currently Primate of the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. 


The first returns for the 2018 Canvass are coming in.  Thanks to everyone who pledged so promptly! 

As of this past Thursday we have received 37 pledges, pledging a total of $85,484.  12 have increased their pledges by 20%, and there are two new pledges.  We have still to hear from 179 parishioners who pledged a total of $425,329 last year.

The Stewardship Committee thanks all who have made a pledge so far.  If you have not yet pledged, please do so soon.  

If you did not receive a 2018 stewardship packet in the mail, there are Stewardship brochures and pledge cards on the tables at the rear of the Church.  And you can pledge on line by going to the parish website and clicking the “Pledge Online” button.


Vestry Nominations.  Please note that several members of the Vestry, a Treasurer and a Clerk will be elected at the Annual Meeting to be held on Sunday, January 28, 2018.  It is not too early to think about members of the Parish whom you think would serve effectively on the Vestry.  A Nominating Committee consisting of John Higgins, Jack Gurnon, Thatcher Gearhart, Kara Rodgers, Father Warren, and the Wardens, Tom Brown and Paul Roberts, is ready to receive the names of those whom you wish to nominate.  Please speak to them beforehand to make sure that they are willing to run.  

The official Church of the Advent Staff Tee Shirt was inaugurated last Holy Week.  The design emphasizes the real, flesh and blood, and, if you will, space and time reality of the Incarnation.  Something which happened and is still happening.  It was borrowed from a Swedish journal of theology and is a human heart surrounded by the words of John 1:14—And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us—in the original Greek.  Since then, there have been requests for similar tee shirts from as far abroad as Christ Church, Hamilton!  We have, therefore, decided to abandon our unfair restriction to Staff members and offer these tee shirts to anyone who wishes one.  They come white and gray and in all sizes.  The price will be decided by the number of tee shirts ordered, but should be around $20.

The design and a specimen are posted downstairs.  If you would like one, email giving the size and color. This is the last week that orders can be taken for shirts.

Discount Vouchers for the Boston Common Garage are available for $9.00 each from Deacon Daphne or Nola Sheffer. You can find them between the 9:00 and 11:15 Masses at the Coffee Hour or Entr’acte. The vouchers can be used after 4:00 pm weekdays, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Questions? email:

November 13-19, 2017

Monday, November 13
8:30 am: Advent School Community Share Event
5:15 pm: Girl Scouts

Tuesday, November 14
Bestowal of the American Episcopate
6:00 pm: Community Supper

Wednesday, November 15
10:00 am: Bible Study
6:30 pm: Solemn Evensong & Benediction
7:00 pm: Bellringing

Thursday, November 16
Margaret of Scotland
6:30 pm: Solemn Mass

Friday, November 17
Hugh of Lincoln

Saturday, November 18
Hilda of Whitby
10:00 am: Advent Choir Rehearsal
10:00 am: Flower Guild (to 1:00 pm)

Sunday, October 19
The Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost
7:30 am: Morning Prayer
8:00 am: Low Mass
9:00 am: Sung Mass
10:15 am: Church School / Entr’acte
11:15 am: Solemn Mass
4:30 pm: Organ Recital
5:00 pm: Solemn Evensong & Benediction; Lecture

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