The flowers at the High Altar are given to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Edna Delores Hosford.  The flowers at the Crossing are given to the Glory of God in and loving memory of Paul Van Ocken.

If you are visiting or new  to the Advent, we hope that you will feel welcome and at home.  Please fill out a visitor’s/newcomer’s card so that we will have a record of your visit here and can keep in touch.

All persons baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit are invited to the Altar to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you wish to receive a blessing, come to the Altar and cross your arms over your chest.

Childcare is provided for infants and toddlers during both the 9 am and 11:15 am Masses. 

9:00 am—Infant nursery is located on the first floor in the room beyond the Parish Office.  The Toddler nursery is located downstairs in Moseley Hall.

11:15 am—Infants and Toddlers are cared for on the first floor in the room beyond the office.

If you have questions or special needs we want to hear them.  Contact Meg Nelson 856-217-0847 or


9:00 Coffee Hour. Mary & Paul Roberts and John Boyd host the Coffee Hour this morning.  The hosts next week are Betsy Ridge Madsen and Carolyn and Tom McDermott. New coffee hour hosts are always needed; please contact Barbara Boles by email, or telephone (617-501-7572) if you’re interested or have questions about what is entailed.

11:15 Coffee Hour. We are in need of more volunteers to do the coffee hour.  To view the schedule of available dates and select a date to co-host, please go to  If you have any questions, please contact Frederick Ou ( or Kyle Pilares (

A Message from Fr. Wood

By now many if not most of the parish have heard that I have accepted a call to become the rector at St. Bartholomew’s Church in Nashville, Tennessee. The excitement of this new call is certainly tempered by the profound sadness we have at leaving Boston and the Advent, both of which are deeply engraved on my heart. But Renee and I feel God leading us into this next step, and we hope to have a chance to share that vision with each of you before we have to go, which should be sometime in November. I do ask for your prayers for us, for Ellie, Patrick and Flannery, and for St. B’s, and you may rest assured that you and the Advent will never be far from our thoughts and prayers wherever God leads us. Thank you for a blessed eight (!) years with you, and may God continue to bless you richly.

Affectionately and faithfully,
~ Fr. Sammy

Entr’acte // The Wisdom of Work // Parish Library @ 10:20 a.m. today and the next three Sundays:  Work holds an important place in our lives and seems to only become more and more absorbing. What does our philosophical and theological heritage have to say about work and its meaning? Beginning with the ancient Greeks, moving through the middle ages, and ending with contemporary perspectives from philosophers and theologians, we will consider how work has been reflected upon, what sorts of work have been considered valuable (or not), and how we as Christians might consider our work in relationship to our faith. This last question is especially important when we recognize that in the Judeo-Christian tradition rest from work seems just as prized as work itself, if not more so. As our lives get busier and busier and more occupied with work, why and how should we make space for rest from labor? The series will be followed in November with a look at Sabbath, rest and its value for Christian life.

This evening at 8 pm, join us for the ancient liturgy of Compline, preceded by Lucernarium, an evening service of lamp-lighting. We pray Compline on the second Sunday of every month at 8:00 pm in the nave.

There will be special music at the Compline service this evening and a reception will follow.

There is a particular need for parishioners familiar with liturgical practice at the Advent to participate, so if you are interested in helping celebrate this service of prayer before bedtime in the custom of early Christian monasticism, please contact Fr. Hanson (

Mission Offering:  Last Sunday was a Sunday dedicated to Mission and mission opportunities at the Advent. If you were not here, you may even so contribute towards our efforts. Envelopes for donation may be found in the pews.

Neighborhood Groups Start in October!  Old and new small groups are starting in October in neighborhoods across Greater Boston.  

  • Green Line Group—Home of Jeff and Roxy Hanson—311 Tappan Street in Brookline—Date TBA
  • Beacon Hill Group—Home of Sammy and Renee Wood—43 South Russell Street in Boston—Wednesday, October 4
  • Metro-West Group—Home of Liz Hunter—492 Lincoln Road in Walpole—Sunday, October 8
  • North Shore Group—Location and time in Salem—TBA
  • The Advent Book Group and a new Luther Reading Group also start in October.

Which of these fits your schedule and lifestyle?  If none does, why not consider hosting or facilitating a group in your own neighborhood?  For more information, speak to one of the hosts listed above or contact Fr Sammy  ( 


Monday, October 9, is Columbus DayThe Parish Office will be closed.  Morning Prayer will be at 9:00 am and the Low Mass at its regular time of 12:15 pm.   Evening Prayer is cancelled.

Bible Study takes place on Wednesdays at 10:00 am in the Library.  We are currently reading the Epistle to the Romans.

Wednesday Evening Book Group: In anticipation of the conference and meeting being held in November focusing on Anglo-Catholicism, the Advent Book Group invites you to join us this fall in reading The Sacramental Church: The Story of Anglo-Catholicism, by John F. Nash, founder of The Esoteric Quarterly. We began discussions of this book on Wednesday, September 13. For more information, please see Alfred Duhamel or email Robb Scholten (


Reformation at 500—Luther Reading Group Begins in October—Five hundred years ago this Halloween, an intense, scholarly Augustinian friar named Martin Luther posted a series of theses about the sale of indulgences on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg.  Within a few years, the world in which he had come of age was utterly transformed. Ever wanted to know what was going on in his mind, one of the great minds of the universal Church?  For several years before this momentous event, Dr Luther diligently walked into his classroom at six o’clock in the morning to lecture on Paul’s Letter to the Romans, and we can now read along with him as he grappled with the foundations of the Catholic faith.  To mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a group gathers every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7 pm in Fr. Wood’s office (second floor of the Parish House) to learn about Luther’s world and to study the Bible as he and his students did by reading and discussing his Lectures on Romans, one of the treasures of Christian thought.  For information, contact Ben Crowe ( or Fr Wood (

Mark your calendars now for a special event at the Church of the Advent in advance of the American Academy of Religion Meeting in Boston: “Anglo-Catholicism: Uncovering Roots”, November 15-16, 2017.

What is Anglo-Catholicism? This brief conference, on the eve of the annual meeting of the AAR, will delve into our broad tradition in a bid to remember and retrieve the best of the past for a faithful future. Inspired by the Anglo-Catholic congresses of the 20th century, young scholars will deliver papers on the holy, catholic, apostolic pattern of Scripture, sacraments, prayer, and the Church herself, formed by God in Christ. For more information, contact Fr Hanson (, or to register, go to  Please register by November 8

Pilgrimage to Greece next April.  A group from the Advent has been to the Holy Land together.  A group has also been to Turkey.  We will now round out the New Testament sites by going together next spring to Greece where St Paul preached extensively and where some of the earliest and most influential Christian communities came into being.

The pilgrimage will depart Boston on Monday, April 16, 2018, and return on Saturday, April 29, 2018.  Among the places we will visit will be:  Thessaloniki, Philippi, Meteora, Delphi, Olympia, Corinth, Mycenae, Naphlion, Athens, Patmos (by overnight ferry), and others. A more detailed brochure and itinerary prepared by the travel agency, Worldwide Pilgrimage Ministries, is available at the rear of the Church.

The cost will be $3,129, if we have 20 – 24 pilgrims; $2,979, if we have 25 – 29 pilgrims, and, except for a few meals on one’s own, is all inclusive.  If you are interested, speak to Father Warren.


The flowers throughout the church today are the work of the parish Flower Guild, a group of devoted volunteers who create the floral arrangements for Sundays, feast days, weddings, and funerals throughout the year.  None of them is a professional florist—they all learned here on-the-job, taught by Tom Sopko, who is a brilliant teacher as well as designer of flower arrangements.  They are always happy to welcome and teach new members. 

The members of the Guild are Barbara Boles, Maria Denslow, Cassie Gurnon, Susan Hockfield, Betsy Ridge Madsen, Lydia McClure, Ginnie Pierce, Thiago Rêgo, Carolyn Walden, and Director Tom Sopko.  If you would like to find out more about flower arranging at the Advent and how much fun it is, speak to one of the members, or email Tom at

The flowers that adorn the Church are funded entirely by donations from members and friends of the Parish.  There are openings for a flower memorial or thanksgiving for the High Altar on Sundays, October 29 and November 19.  If you are interested, please call Blenda Jeffry at 978-443-3519 (

Discount Vouchers for the Boston Common Garage are available for $9.00 each from Deacon Daphne or Nola Sheffer. You can find them between the 9:00 and 11:15 Masses at the Coffee Hour or Entr’acte. The vouchers can be used after 4:00 pm weekdays, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Questions? email:

October 9-15, 2017

Monday, October 9
Robert Grosseteste   
Columbus Day (Parish Office Closed)

Tuesday, October 10
6:00 pm: Community Supper

Wednesday, October 11
Philip, Deacon & Evangelist
10:00 am: Bible Study
2:00 pm: Youth Homelessness Task Force
6:00 pm: Healing Mass
7:00 pm: Bellringing

Thursday, October 12
7:00 pm: Advent Choir Rehearsal

Friday, October 13
11:00 am: Holy Hour

Saturday, October 14
Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky
10:00 am: Advent Choir Rehearsal
10:00 am: Flower Guild (to 1:00 pm)

Sunday, October 15
The Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost
7:30 am: Morning Prayer
8:00 am: Low Mass
9:00 am: Sung Mass
10:15 am: Church School / Entr’acte
11:15 am: Solemn Mass
4:30 pm: Organ Recital
5:00 pm: Solemn Evensong & Benediction 

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