Dinner distribution at church doors

Advent parishioners have supported our Tuesday Community Dinners every year for over 30 years. You will remember that last year, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, the annual Walk for Hunger went “virtual”, with parishioners walking anywhere from 1 to all 20 miles in their own neighborhoods all across the eastern half of the state.

We will be doing this virtual walk again this year, and you can donate to support the Walk here:

(Select “Walk for Hunger” from the dropdown list under “Fund”.)

Our goal is to raise a much-needed $7K for our Community Dinner Fund.

If you would like to participate in the virtual walk, it’s easy! Please join our Team – register here: http://support.projectbread.org/goto/advent

Anyone who would like can join us on Sunday, May 2, at 9am to do the “Advent Mile”, or a 5K – 10K walk, or the full 20-mile Walk for Hunger with our family. We will walk the traditional route. We will leave Advent’s steps at 9am on Brimmer St. after a blessing by Fr. Anderson. Please reach out to us to plan!

Those who cannot join us in Boston, please think of joining us as a virtual walker on May 2, and share photos and video clips of your walk with us!

Here is a video of images from last year’s walk:

Many thanks for all your support!

Suzi +  Bruce, Ellie + Emma
Advent’s Virtual Community Dinner Walk 5/2/2021 Team Leaders

Contact Suzi.Briggs@gmail.com 

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