Dinner distribution at church doors

Advent parishioners have supported our Tuesday Community Dinners every year for over 30 years. This May 3, 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, is no different. Donations to support our valuable outreach program are even more critical. 

On Sunday, May 3, the Briggs-Kiernan Family will keep the Advent’s tradition alive and will aim to walk for 20 miles as in years past.  The clergy of the Advent will bless us on our way as we leave the steps of the Advent at 9am. We usually return home exhausted by 5pm! 

This year, we are looking for virtual companions who can join us in a shared Virtual Advent Walk.  All of us,  in our own neighborhoods, walking virtually together on Sunday, May 3. 

It could be that some walk the Advent Mile, or a 5K walk or run. All we ask is you walk on Sunday, May 3, and share photos with us that you are doing it so we can all share in the Virtual Walk!  We ask this year that that as many of you try to reach out to extended friends and family for donations too!  The more we reach out beyond our parish, the greater the funds we get to support our Community Dinner.  From the funds raised, we will also make a contribution to Project Bread.  

Anyone who is interested – please reach out to us very soon. We are just 10 days away!

Suzi +  Bruce, Ellie + Emma
Advent’s Virtual Community Dinner Walk 5/3/2020 Team Leaders

Contact Suzi.Briggs@gmail.com 

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